Terminus Mountain now does Winter hunts! These hunts work very well as they are fly-in, remote and the wolves see next to no pressure. The Kechika Valley is a wintering ground for many Ungulates like Elk, Moose, Sheep, Goats and Caribou, so the wolves are always here. We use ground blinds, baits and use howlers to make this a very successful hunt. This is our second year, and we are having fun making a difference in the predator population to try to keep it in balance in our concession. This hunt is 2x1 and 7 days in length. I have three openings a season available, so the baits get to rest in between hunters, and they are active. It may be cold, and we run this hunt mid-February to end of March so be prepared. We will provide you with a detailed gear list that will have you ready and comfortable. Only two in camp at a time and two wolves per person so come have some fun!

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