Mountain Goat

Here at Terminus, the goat population is very high. We do Goat hunts by horse if they are in conjunction with a Moose Combo or we backpack Hunt for them. We consistently harvest goats 9-9 1/2 " and take goats 10" plus every year. Keep in mind our average is on 90% of our hunters shooting the first mature Billy they see and stalking it. Very few hunters actually pass up a good 9 1/2” goat to go after a very large or book goat. So if your looking for very large be patient and prepared physically because we have the goats and the bases. If you are looking for a special Goat, and I mean large, then look at the 1x1 hunt as it gives you more time to look over more goats. Very few goat hunters go over 5-6 days on this 10-day hunt. You can pick 1x1 10-day hunts or 2x1 10-day hunts if you have a friend, wife or son and want to enjoy the experience together. Our 2x1 hunts have also been very successful and if everyone can shoot we are right around 90-95%. Some times spiking out is essential on our hunts especially the straight goat hunts. Quite often when goats are hunted in conjunction with the moose hunts we do not but be ready if needed. I am glad to see that the goat hunts are also very popular as they are the most underrated animal in North America. You will see some breathtaking country and will remember it for the rest of your life as these hunts are very self-fulfilling!

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