Mountain Caribou

Mountain Caribou hunting in many parts of the province has been on the decline. We are happy to say that ours are doing well as recent studies have shown. We have a low harvest yearly as our Mountain Caribou spread out in certain parts of the area. Our season only runs from Aug 25-Sept 30, so we have a short window to hunt these beautiful animals. We have cut our way into new Caribou country now, so we are looking forward to great results. We harvest bulls in the 340-370 Range and do take larger bulls, but this is a realistic expectation for hunters booking. In saying that most of them are harvested on Moose Combo Hunts. We do very well on these hunts and only take 5-6 a year.  If hunters wish they can also harvest Goats, Black Bears or wolves on a harvest fee on this hunt also. These beautiful animals are very fun to hunt and unpredictable. If you wish just to hunt Caribou just let us know and we can do that with horses or a combo with moose. We are offering a 1x1 Caribou hunt now on horseback now also as we keep getting this question yearly. It will be a 10-day hunt and other species tags can be carried on a harvest fee.

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