Canadian Moose

At Terminus, we are only 125 miles from the Yukon border which was the deciding line for Boone and Crocket for Canadian moose and Alaska Yukon Moose. For this reason, we consistently harvest some of the largest Canadian Moose in B&C. We average 54"-58" in width and run a very high success rate. We Typically take bulls over the 60” mark every season! Several bulls in Boone and Crocket have come from this area over the years because of the excellent habitat and remoteness. We only take 12-14 moose hunters per year is this 3500 square mile concession to keep our success rate and quality high. We aim to take old mature bulls. We accommodate rifle hunters as well as archery hunters which as any archery hunter knows needing to get in archery range compared to a rifle does lower your odds. No matter your quest we have the guides to give you the best odds to make either method of hunting successful.

Moose can be hunted by themselves on a 10 day 1x1 hunt by Horseback or Boat. You may also do a combination hunt which changes your hunt to 12-13 days and includes a second trophy of Goat or Caribou. This is by far our most popular hunts! The cost of the extra days hunting pays for you second trophy as well as the time it takes to travel to and from this area it seems hunters wish to maximize there stay.

All horse strings have a wrangler or a cook and are from wall tents or cabins. Wood stove and cots keep everyone off the ground warm and dry. We do very well on these combo hunts, and we are well known for them. Pick your second animal and book your trip early as they do book up in advance.

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