Moose / Caribou or Goat Hunts

These hunts are one guide, one hunter. These have either wall tents with wood-stoves or cabins. We conduct this hunt when both the moose and the caribou bulls are in the rut. At this time of year, the caribou have their full capes with big white manes, which make for a beautiful mount. We have enjoyed some very high success on this hunt, and this makes an excellent combination hunt as well. The regulation for this hunt is Moose being tri-palm or 10 points, and the caribou being 5 point tops with a trailer on the main beam. Moose/Caribou hunts are conducted via horseback. This is a fantastic Combo Hunt as well as the Moose /Goat. These hunts fill up fast as they are 14 days long and include both trophies.

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