What to Expect on Your Hunt

All of our hunts are conducted 1-on-1 with a guide unless you make special arrangements ahead of time. We reserve the right to put two hunters with one guide in the event that one guide becomes unable to guide for various reasons. In the unlikely event that this occurs, a replacement guide will be brought in as soon as possible.

General Info

My guides are what I believe to be some of the best in the business. We have high standards and pride ourselves on being professional. Please trust your guides. They have a lot of time in the field as well experience with the species you are hunting. Listen to them, as they do know what is best. Please take a look at the hunting regulations in British Columbia as well so you are familiar with your legal obligations. While your guides are professionals that know the regulations, personal knowledge never hurts. Occasionally there will be late starts, primarily due to weather or horse problems. Horses are hobbled and turned loose to forage each night; periodically the staff will have problems finding them and getting back to camp in time. This is part of hunting with horses, and we try our best to get the horses in on time for a full day of hunting. All our camps are serviced via airplanes for getting our clients into the camps and the game back out for processing. With this comes some difficulties due to weather, we ask that our clients be patient as we have to sometimes wait the weather out in order to fly safely.

There is a government ban on hunting for 6 hours after being on an aircraft in British Columbia.

There will be no hunting on change over days, as the crew requires the day for personal chores and rest between hunts.

After the client has harvested an animal, hunting time will be lost, as the guide must flesh the skull and cape of the animal and care for the meat. So rest up and enjoy your hunting experience, as lost hunting time to care of your animal means you have done Damn good!