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Welcome to Terminus Mountain Outfitters
Dale and Sandra Drinkall

Some of the Best Big Game Hunting in North America

Terminus Mountain Wilderness Adventures covers over 3,500 square miles, and offers opportunities to hunt in both the Gataga and Kechika River Drainages of the Northern Rockies. This unique remote area has no road access , and is based at the end of the Rocky Mountain Chain. Dale and Sandra, along with their daughters who are actively involved, have been in the business for over 30 years. They offer some of Northern B.C.'s finest hunting experiences in this remote area with quality Big game hunts, & Fly in Fishing Trips.

Dale has been an active member in many hunting organizations including SCI, GRAND SLAM, and FNAWS, has served on the boards of GOABC and NBCGA. Terminus Mountain Outfitters has supported these organizations with many donations throughout the years. Dale is a strong advocate for hunting preservation, and has been at the head of several wildlife enhancement programs.

We Specialize in Stone Sheep Hunts and Combination Hunts

Combination hunts can include stone sheep, mountain goat, elk, moose, mountain caribou, grizzly bear, black bear, and wolf. Everything required for a successful hunt is supplied, including guide, horses, and equipment.